BY nobuko   Fri, 8 Jan 2010
posing for photos

posing for photos

Kaiju finally came home with us tonight! Very late. It was past midnight when we arrived back at home.

We spent about 4 hours at breeder (Charleen)'s, going over the paperwork, vaccination requirements, having beer and pizza, and shooting a whole lot of photos. The personality differences between the two boys were more apparent than they were a week ago. As suspected, we got the "thinker." I'm glad. I wanted him. The "pretty boy" brother of his was very jumpy and assertive and I would have a hard time handling him (he really was very cute though).

I drove, and Paul held the puppy on his lap. Kaiju was quiet and sat still, except for a few initial whimpers. Just when we said to each other how impressed we were by his quietness, he stood up on Paul's lap, made a quick whining noise, and shook his head really hard as if to shake off something that got stuck on his face. Then, I felt something wet land on my hands on the wheel, and heard Paul say "Errr... he just puked."
"It's a lot... it's kinda gross"

sorry I puked on you...

sorry I puked on you...

We got off the highway at the next exit while Paul stayed very still so all the gooey stuff on his jacket would not slide down to the car seat. We pulled into a gas station and did a quick clean up. Too bad the blanket we took from the breeder was soiled. It was supposed to bring the scent of Kaiju's mom and brother, but we'd have to now wash it. Kaiju looked a little apologetic, but overall, he was either too sick to care or simply nonchalant about it. We couldn't tell. We don't know this boy well enough yet.

He ended up throwing up 3 times during the trip. Poor thing. And poor Paul, who developed the skill to catch the vomit perfectly with a towel by the end of the drive. Otherwise, Kaiju stayed calm and sleepy all the way home. Overall, we're pleased so far.

Welcome home, little Kaiju. We can't wait to start our lives together tomorrow morning!

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