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2010 February

Pedigree commercial. Well done...

See more information on this video here. The style of this ad is extremely close to this Vitalic video, and the music is pretty bad compare to Vitalic, but hey, this one does have a beautiful Shiba Inu in it, so I call it a tie.

BY nobuko   Tue, 23 Feb 2010

Vet visit today. On the 1/8 visit, he was a little over 8 ponuds. On 1/27, he was 10 pounds. And today (4 weeks later), he is 13 pounds! He is a super growing puppy!

i am 8 pounds!

i am 13 pounds!

I just did a quick search on "KAIJU THE SHIBA INU" and look what came up.
I guess people think they can take advantage of his extreme cuteness! But did they have to steal his name too?
Just another example of why you should always get your puppy from a REPUTABLE BREEDER!

BY kaiju   Mon, 1 Feb 2010

My humans have been playing with me correctly these days. They throw a round object for me to go and fetch. When I come back with it, they give me treats. I don't really want to give it up sometimes. Because it's mine. But then I don't get to go grab it again, so I let them have it just temporarily.

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