BY paul   Mon, 1 Mar 2010

Nobuko and I are both so distraught right now... Kaiju was playing with his half-sister, Stella, at the dog park, when he suddenly sat down. It was obvious something was up... but, he was determined to keep playing. That's when we noticed him limping around. We immediately took action to keep him from over-exerting his injured left hind leg. It obviously was bothering him, but he seemed well enough to carefully ride it out the rest of the day (a Sunday) until the morning when we would take him to see his vet. The doctor said that it seemed his knee was a bit swollen, but that he was putting 'some' weight on it. It all led him to believe that some anti-inflammatory and some rest would do the trick... or at least to start with that, and we'll see how he progresses. After the diagnosis, he asked the vet technician to weigh him (having just turned 4 months old today, he just grows and grows).

... but that's when the unthinkable happened.

Just as the tech was putting him down, he squirmed, and she let him go and dropped him from maybe just below waist height, to the hard tiled floor! He let out a HUGE shiba scream... and now... well, now, his OTHER LEG IS EVEN WORSE,  probably because he was compensating for his originally injured leg on the landing. What a horrible, horrible turn of events... the poor guy can't walk at all right now, as both hind legs are injured. He's currently getting x-rayed... so we are just left hoping for the best. Nobuko and I stepped out of the office and just held each other tight.

mr. chunkyhead spends his 4 month birthday in a crate at the vets


x-rays came back negative... so the vet says it is most likely soft-tissue injuries to his rear knees. We were given some medication that will hopefully make him more comfortable, and we'll see how he does over the next day. What a morning this turned out to be.

UPDATE #2...

Kaiju is back with us now, but he can barely walk at all. Thankfully, he seems content just sleeping all day! We are hoping to see big improvements tomorrow. Hoping.

UPDATE #3...

10 days later we find out, it was fractured after all...

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