BY nobuko   Sat, 6 Mar 2010

Kaiju is finally putting some weight on the right hind (worse) leg. He keeps a lot more weight is on the left (less bad) leg at all times, so his body is contorted while walking. He also cannot keep walking for more than 20 seconds. He needs to sit down. He walks like an old dog. It makes us very sad. It has been 5+ days. The vet originally said he'd bounce back to normal in a few days. It does not look like the case.

What really is unfortunate is that his socialization progress seems to have been reverted. He is a lot more skittish with strangers. It's no wonder. He spends most of the day cooped up in his tiny gated area in our apartment, for 5 straight days (this is to restrict the use of affected leg). We used to take him out for at least an hour walk every day. Now it's just potty breaks and a little bit of stumbling around during the breaks. We keep him away from other dogs because we don't want him to get too excited. It is a major set back for a lot of things for which he made such good progresses in the past month and half.

It was 50+ degrees and sunny out today. We took Kaiju to the park and sat/walked around. We wanted to encourage him to use those bad legs so his muscles will stay flexible and strong. We also wanted to give him some mental stimulation. He'd been cooped up in the apartment all week, and probably was bored to death.  Outside on the grass and in the sun, Kaiju seemed happy smelling everything, biting into tree branches and pinecones, and sticking his nose into every hole he found.


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