We have found out the cause of Kaiju's slow recovery. He actually has had a fracture on the right knee all this time. Here is more info.

So the clinic not only dropped him (due to a careless maneuver of an already injured puppy) and fractured his right knee, but also did not find out with the first set of Xrays and the examinations that it was a fracture. As a result, they encouraged us to move him around while masking his pain with the pain medication. We did just that for 10 days, making the fracture even worse and therefore harder to fix, until they called us back for another set of X-rays. As far as I am concerned, those two very unfortunate errors broke our poor Kaiju.

We took him to an emergency room at the biggest animal hospital in the area, based to our vet's referral. We walked in with the X-ray pictures taken today at the clinic. I had never been at this hospital. It's huge. And it's set up just like a human hospital (I guess it's normal). It was clean, and everyone was very nice, but at the same time, a lot more business-like than our regular clinic.

Kaiju has been admitted and we'll wait for a call tomorrow morning from an orthopedic surgeon about more specific plans for him. We just hope that our vet clinic will do the right thing and cover all costs for the surgery, as wellas any cares/treatments necessary after-(long-after)ward, without making it difficult for us. We won't be covered by the insurance now for those problems, either, because this is a big fat pre-existing condition.

Tibial Tuberosity Avulsion Fracture

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