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2010 April
ON TWITTER | 3:59pm   Sat, 24 Apr 2010

i chewed through my leash while you weren't looking...
hemp = yummy!

you should really pay more attention to me...

you should really pay more attention to me...

After reading this post on Shio the Shiba blog, I went to a pet store to get our Kaiju some Deer Antlers. First of all, wow they are really pricey! (just like the post warned us). For now, I just wanted see if he liked it, so I bought the smallest single antler in that store.

I ♥ IT!!!!

We were getting a little grossed out by bully sticks. The way Kaiju digs into the antler with his new adult teeth is a bit alarming, but it's clean, no smell, and seems to last. Great tip!

ON TWITTER | 11:58pm   Thu, 22 Apr 2010

went to the bookstore for 'socialization'. bookstore? doods, I can't even READ...

do we have to go in there?

do we have to go in there? WHY??

ON TWITTER | 10:31am   Wed, 21 Apr 2010

why did we have to go to the vet to take out the stitches this morning? i totally could have done it myself.

ON TWITTER | 10:27pm   Tue, 20 Apr 2010

i have defeated the bag monster... for now



I've been mostly staying in the house since my knee broke on March 1st. I sleep most of the day in my den. In the evenings, I get to spend time in the bigger room with my people. I chew on toys, watch TV, and sleep some more. I have to stay really quiet (=no trotting, jumping, and roughhousing), so that's pretty much all I can do, especially with this giant cone around my head.

When I sleep, though, I dream about the trip we took up north two months ago. I dream about running in the snow and chasing a ball.

I also dream about that big dog, Sasha, I met during that trip. It was right before my injury. She taught me how to have fun with tree branches. I hope I will see her again soon when I'm better!

Sasha lets me play with her

Sasha teaches me about tree branches

ON TWITTER | 7:12pm   Thu, 15 Apr 2010

national high five day! and guess who's a mascot! http://bit.ly/9HwhRb

ON TWITTER | 11:05pm   Wed, 14 Apr 2010
my canine is hanging out my mouth!

my canine is hanging out my mouth!

ummmm, my teeth are falling out. Is this normal?

ON TWITTER | 1:22pm   Sun, 11 Apr 2010

I am being driven around in town. With a cone! People passing by are going awwww to me.
Totally embarrassed. But the air feels nice on my face.

In the Car

Sniff Sniff

ON TWITTER | 8:02pm   Fri, 9 Apr 2010

Had another procedure today to have the wire and a pin taken out of my knee. Doc says things are looking good + I'm about to head home!

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