I've been mostly staying in the house since my knee broke on March 1st. I sleep most of the day in my den. In the evenings, I get to spend time in the bigger room with my people. I chew on toys, watch TV, and sleep some more. I have to stay really quiet (=no trotting, jumping, and roughhousing), so that's pretty much all I can do, especially with this giant cone around my head.

When I sleep, though, I dream about the trip we took up north two months ago. I dream about running in the snow and chasing a ball.

I also dream about that big dog, Sasha, I met during that trip. It was right before my injury. She taught me how to have fun with tree branches. I hope I will see her again soon when I'm better!

Sasha lets me play with her

Sasha teaches me about tree branches

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