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2010 June
ON TWITTER | 10:59am   Sat, 26 Jun 2010

my humans had friends over last night. I totally remembered them! I wagged my tail a lot.

BY kaiju   Sat, 19 Jun 2010

team shiba, let's go!

BY kaiju   Thu, 17 Jun 2010

i just can't control myself. and those towels on the floor my humans put so i won't slip? useless!

BY kaiju   Mon, 14 Jun 2010

どこ行くの?ぼく的には静かなところがいいなMy humans took me to the river today to see some festival. They know I don't like the crowd, but I guess they want to go to places with me anyway. It's better than staying home alone, maybe...

ここがいい。ここにずっといることにする。I just wanted to stay in the green area, though...

ここでもいいけど。屋台とか人ごみのほうに行きたかったら、いいよ。ここで待ってるから。or just stand at the edge of the side walk,

やだ!そっちは行きたくない! but they kept pulling me towards the loud cheer and beating drums, kids in strollers, adults who wanted to pet me, etc., just so that they could have some food from the vendors, and the view of dragon boats racing on the river. They were so selfish!

こっちに行こうよ。ほらほら芝生はこっち。But I have a Shiba mind-control power. I managed to manipulate them into walking towards the areas with less noise, and less people, most of the time.

やったー!!ロング・リードだ。いぇーーーーいAnd in the end, they let me run around on a long leash, in an open area. It was fun! They played some games with me with hot dog treats. Being outside isn't so bad!!

We started teaching Kaiju to play dead last week. He konws what is asked of him. But, he entertains us with a very slow play-death. We're not sure how to speed things up. I guess we'll keep trying.

ON TWITTER | 1:37pm   Fri, 11 Jun 2010

I'm ready for the World Cup!

ON TWITTER | 4:23pm   Thu, 10 Jun 2010

I've got so many nicknames ( fuzzking, charlie brown, mr. chunkyhead, mr. fox, yowamushi, cornbread/corn muffin, michael j)... share yours!

ON TWITTER | 11:33am   Wed, 9 Jun 2010

that's right. i'm not a fox, i'm not a basenji, i'm not a stuffed animal, and i sure am not a Shiba Emu!! http://bit.ly/d1ggjg

BY kaiju   Mon, 7 Jun 2010

after the storm Mikey!!! Play with me!!

There was a crazy thunderstorm yesterday. When it was all done, my people took me out for a walk. I found lots of big branches with fresh green leaves on the side walks. Normally, I'd grab a branch and walk with it in my mouth, but those were too big for me to carry. There were also a lot of fresh puddles, but for some reason, my people didn't let me drink out of it.

They took me to the big green area that I like. I like it there because I always meet other doggies. Mikey, the Chow-Boxer mix, is my favorite. He was there again yesterday. He is 13 years old, and very nice to me. The grass and the ground were all wet and soft. They smelled really good. The sun was out and everyone was smiling. Nothing scary happened on the way back, too, except for some new suspicious objects around the mailboxes.

And you know what's nice, too? When I am home, I now have a brand-new bed in the living room. It's MY space!! and I get to sit with my humans when they sit and stare at the box with moving pictures.



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