BY kaiju   Mon, 7 Jun 2010

after the storm Mikey!!! Play with me!!

There was a crazy thunderstorm yesterday. When it was all done, my people took me out for a walk. I found lots of big branches with fresh green leaves on the side walks. Normally, I'd grab a branch and walk with it in my mouth, but those were too big for me to carry. There were also a lot of fresh puddles, but for some reason, my people didn't let me drink out of it.

They took me to the big green area that I like. I like it there because I always meet other doggies. Mikey, the Chow-Boxer mix, is my favorite. He was there again yesterday. He is 13 years old, and very nice to me. The grass and the ground were all wet and soft. They smelled really good. The sun was out and everyone was smiling. Nothing scary happened on the way back, too, except for some new suspicious objects around the mailboxes.

And you know what's nice, too? When I am home, I now have a brand-new bed in the living room. It's MY space!! and I get to sit with my humans when they sit and stare at the box with moving pictures.



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