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2010 July
BY nobuko   Sat, 24 Jul 2010


This poor Shiba was lost, and found, then mistaken for a COYOTE by none other than a Humane Society, and released back into the wild (= lost again)!

Here is the news article....

How does a Humane Society mistake a domesticated animal for a wild one?

I hope she will be found and reunited with the owners...

ON TWITTER | 12:07pm   Fri, 16 Jul 2010

satellite dogDuring potty time, a man asked my humans what the cone was for.  they were so tempted to say i was from the future and it received signals.

ON TWITTER | 4:59pm   Wed, 14 Jul 2010

they look like us...

Chinese Wolves. The puppies look like adult shibas! (Photo by uni_zoo)

BY kaiju   Wed, 14 Jul 2010

I got this from my Twitter friends... Taro gathered images of all the Shibas that wished me well on Twitter, and made this. I am a lucky Shiba Inu.

the cards safely arrived

the cards safely arrived


Gina who entertains us with her awesome Shiba Inu comics on her blog just opened an Etsy store. Yes, those greeting cards she's been teasing us with on her site are finally available for us to purchase. I was going to tell you which was my favorite, and I couldn't even pick one!

Go and get them 🙂

ON TWITTER | 3:49pm   Tue, 13 Jul 2010

there is a woman sunbathing on my toilet!

BY nobuko   Wed, 7 Jul 2010

are we going to a park again? why is it taking so long?

We took Kaiju to Paul's parents home for the long weekend. It was Kaiju's first looong drive (4.5 hours). The longest so far was in February before the injury, and it was supposed to be about 2 hours drive, which ended up taking a lot longer because of the total puke fest. We had to make frequent stops to clean up and comfort the sickly puppy.

We were better prepared this time. We gave him Cerenia, and had purchased a Kurgo Wander Hammock so cleanup will be easier just in case. He did very well for most of the way. Then, as soon as Paul said "we are almost there! 15 more minutes!", he threw up.

is this a park?

Next morning, we took Kaiju out to the backyard, which is quite large. He was very nervous and scared in the house with all the unfamiliar pieces of furniture and rooms, but as soon as he was outside in this big open space, he seemed happy (but a little confused).

Too bad we couldn't let him run free. The backyard was pretty much fully enclosed, but his left knee was still injured after all and it had been recommended to us that we restrict his activities.

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ON TWITTER | 10:14pm   Tue, 6 Jul 2010

my humans thought that spraying me with water might stop my floor-scratching. haha! nice try suckaz! I actually like it! feels goooood...

Kaiju is going to have another knee surgery this Friday. This time, it's the left hind knee. It turned out that the cruciate ligament on the left knee was also damaged when he fell on March 1st. However, it was minor compare to the fracture on the right hind knee that nobody noticed the limp on the left until May 1st, when our surgeon said "oh, he's limping on the left!" at the final check-up for the right hind knee surgery.

I was in Japan visiting my parents when Paul called me to tell me this awful news. He was only 6 months old. We had thought the little one was done with treatments and only had a full recovery to look forward to. Instead, now, we'd have to go through another round of heartaches and worries. We both were so mad, during that phone call. So mad at things that happened months ago that we couldn't go back and change. It was terrible.

The procedure involves the growth plate, and for various reasons given to us by the hospital, we decided to wait until the growth plate was ready and sealed. The surgeon recommended that, if we were to wait, we should wait for at least 6 weeks. It will have been 10 weeks this Friday.

We are generally happy about our decision. Although we have not allowed visits to dog parks, roughhousing, steps, and strenuous exercises (we constantly monitor his limping to make sure it is not worse), those 2+ months have given us the chance to let him be a puppy again to some extent, and to let us have fun and connect with him in the ways we couldn't for two previous months. We also have tried to socialize him the best we can. If we had chosen to go into the surgery #2 right then on May 1st, he would have spent 4 consecutive months (or more) inactive. We feel that it could have impacted his social skills too negatively, considering he was only 4 months old when it all began.

We truly hope he has not been in too much pain for the past 10 weeks. I hope everything will get fixed up this time, and he can go back to being fully active by fall, and for many many years after that. And I hope we will be the best dog owners to help him recover for the next 8 weeks. We have done it once already, so we can do it again.

a very quiet summer ahead for this one

a very quiet summer ahead for this one

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