i love this backyard!

Kaiju is at Paul's parents' place again. He was just here a month ago for Thanksgiving. This is his 3rd time here, and he is clearly feeling a lot more comfortable. As soon as we pulled into the driveway, he showed clear signs of excitement. He got out of the car happily, and insisted to be taken to his "regular" pee spot which is about 5 minutes walk away from the house. When we finally walked into the house, he headed straight to our bedroom, but came out to roam around in the kitchen and the livingroom soon enough, although carefully. We did not give him any meds for the arrival, unlike the last time, but he seemed okay. And of course, the backyard is making him happy as always.

He was pretty skeptical of the big Xmas tree and all the boxes around it, but we managed to lure him closer with some treats last night for some photos. And, although he escaped to the bedroom as soon as the boxes started getting unwrapped, he scored some very nice toys from his Grand Humans and Paul.

Which one is mine??

Today was a big day. A bunch of relatives came over to this house to celebrate the holiday. We made sure to medicate him and to give him a plenty of fun time before people started arriving. We wanted to tire him out to help him relax. We had the bedroom ready for him to hide out, too, so he wouldn't feel pressured at all to be anywhere near the crowd.

Then, he gave us the surprising performance. He stayed in the living room where Paul was sitting while more and more people arrived. He stayed on the couch, definitely very alert but also curious. Paul and I were beside ourselves with joy. It was most likely the effect of Xanax, thanks to which he was able to enjoy the attention from everyone. It rained treats wherever he went. Instead of running away, he was taking them very cautiously.

He even followed the aroma of grilled Greek sausages and ventured into the dining area where everyone stood around and talked. He didn't get the sausage, but he got tons of beef treats. He also begged to be let outside to the backyard. When we did, he went a little too crazy, running at a lightening speed in big circles non-stop. The whole situation was a bit too stimulating for him, it seemed. We had to grab him and put him back inside to prevent over-excitement.

Eventually, he retired to the bedroom and rested for the remainder of the night. After many glasses of various drinks, Paul also joined him in the sweet little slumber party.

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