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2011 January
BY kaiju ON TWITTER | 1:58pm  Mon, 31 Jan 2011

may i have some of whatever you are eating? i'll stare at you until you give it

i'm ready for it. any time now.

BY kaiju ON TWITTER | 10:43am  Sun, 30 Jan 2011

i love the snow! but it's hard to go fast

BY kaiju ON TWITTER | 10:38am  Sun, 30 Jan 2011
Played with another dog at a big park with a lot of snow!
BY kaiju ON TWITTER | 5:54pm  Sat, 29 Jan 2011

my human knows how to multitask (sometimes)

there, right there, yah, ohhhhh

BY kaiju ON TWITTER | 2:19am  Fri, 28 Jan 2011

the ritual before every long walk. musher's secret balm application!

BY kaiju ON TWITTER | 1:43am  Fri, 28 Jan 2011
time to snuggle and then fall asleep...
BY kaiju ON TWITTER | 9:52am  Thu, 27 Jan 2011
does every house have to have the scary snow blowing machine and noisy scooper? snow is fun only when it's quiet out!
BY kaiju ON TWITTER | 12:10pm  Wed, 26 Jan 2011

On 1/23 last year, I was the Daily Puppy

Puppy of the day 1/23, 2010

Exactly a year later, Tomi the Shiba is one http://bit.ly/g8XVT7 Represent!

BY kaiju ON TWITTER | 3:03pm  Sun, 23 Jan 2011

a trip to dog park! I loove this park
I made big dogs chase me! come and get me!

BY kaiju ON TWITTER | 2:01pm  Sat, 22 Jan 2011

my new (girl)friend Cinnamon and me, playing in the snow

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