BY the humans   Tue, 15 Feb 2011

We took a little trip to Maine for 3 nights over the weekend. Our friends (married couple) came with us, too. We booked this awesome tiny cottage a few months ago and have been looking forward to this.

After 3.5 hours of drive, we met the nice property owners who lived in a beautiful house about 60 feet away from our cottage. They owned a Basenji, Joey, and seemed excited to see a Shiba Inu who looked (kinda) similar. One of them kept saying "Oh so cute. I need to get one of those... " while staring at Kaiju. Kaiju and Joey walked together next morning. Joey was not into playing (although Kaiju tried) but curious about Kaiju.

The cottage was quite wonderful. Small, but well designed and maintained. When we first arrived, Kaiju trembled from nervousness while being perched on the little couch. Then he discovered our bedroom. More specifically, the bed. Right away, it became his "safe spot", and he pretty much stayed there for rest of the stay. He even refused to eat anywhere other than on the bed. It probably helped that we brought the cover from home to put there.

We went skiing during the day. We weren't too worried about leaving him there alone. He was too "shy" to be causing any trouble in the cottage. We were sure he'd spend his days on the bed sleeping and watching outside.

The only time he really asserted himself was when people were stepping out. He wanted to go outside as many times as possible so he always tried to follow us out. Outside, he was excited by everything he saw, even little stones. Silly pup. We have stones back home in the city, too.

Yes, we consider this another successful little trip! There is a yurt vacation in Maine coming up in March. Hopefully, the snow will still be on the ground!

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