BY kaiju   Sun, 3 Apr 2011

I had my first house guest of my own, ever, today. Her name is June. She is a Whippet. Her humans are Human#1's good friends. We met when I was little (last January), and we played together but she was pushy and I got a bit annoyed by her.

By the way, did I mention? Human#1 is the one who held me all the way from my birth home to this home last year. I puked on him 3 times during that trip. When we got home, he sat in my crate area with me until I felt a little more comfortable. Since then, I sometimes think of him as Human#1. (Human#2 is the one who drove and cleaned the vomit mess i made. She's also a better treat dispenser.)

Anyway, back to June. Since the first time, we hadn't met again for a long time, until recently when we walked together around my place, and we got on very well! Today, they took us for a walk in the woods together, and afterward, she came over to my home. During the walk, she wasn't too into sniffing everything like I was. She probably just wanted to run. Apparently, she runs really fast!

I got a little nervous when she went near my toys so i went and sat near them, but I think I was a good host, otherwise. I hope she comes to visit me again!

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