We gave a mid-week surprise to Kaiju and had a little visit to a river-side park late afternoon. It was too beautiful out to stay inside and working. Besides, we bought this thing called Chuckit recently and only Paul got to enjoy it with Kaiju during the Easter Weekend in Long Island (for which I stayed behind), and I was jealous.

At the park, we put him on a long (30ft) leash and threw the ball! Weeee, the ball went further than 30 feet and Kaiju ran after it so fast and kept running after he got the ball in his mouth that we still had to run around after him. Guess we need a longer leash if we want to play this game with him in a city park...

The spring is finally here and flowers are everywhere. Not only the flowers, the trees are looking really nice with the spring green. College rowers are out on the Charles practicing really hard. It's just a beautiful time in Boston!

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