BY kaiju   Fri, 1 Jul 2011

My walks go like this these days. We start walking. I pause here and there, look around, and stall. My humans say "let's go Kaiju" and give me a pull. I pull back, but have no choice but to walk forward, just for 3 steps or so. Then I pause, again. Rinse and repeat. We eventually make it to my pee spot. I finish my business.

Then I start stalling again. I pull back, and I even sit to protest if I hear some engine noises or the door opening ahead of us. I just don't feel like going near them. My humans let me sit there for a while, let the car or whatever pass, then say "Let's go Kaiju", then a pull.

At the end of this long block, there is this kids' park. After we turn that corner, I no longer protest. I walk without hesitation. I walk ahead of my humans. Sometimes, I even look up at my humans to ask for treats. My humans can't figure out what happens at this corner that changes my behaviors. It's my secret. They don't need to know.

So, I walk and walk and walk. I sniff. I walk some more, and I sniff. Remember, though, I still do want to get back home as soon as I can.

When we finally are back at the parking lot next to our building, I make sure to show my happiness. My humans congratulate me, and tell me I've done well.

At the top of the staircase before getting inside the building, I stand tall. I'm relieved that it's done, and that I've survived. I look forward to chilling in the living room until the next walk.

I'm also very proud that I'm doing much better than last November (8 months ago). I no longer tremble. My tail is up most of the time. I no longer stress out my humans. I sniff things. I take treats most of the time. I also bark at suspicious objects (like a construction materials piled up on the roadside, or tarps flopping about in the wind), sometimes. My humans don't like it very much but my behaviorist told them that it was the sign of increasing confidence. Hah!

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