BY kaiju   Tue, 5 Jul 2011

"Fourth of July" long weekend! I love long weekends. I get to spend a lot more time and do fun things with my humans. And, this weekend, they took me to nature parks both on Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday, we did a 1.5 hour round-trip walk at a reservation park about 20-minute-drive away from home. We went through woods, across some mud, creeks, and up and up on the hills. When we finally arrived at the top of this one rocky hill, my humans went "ahhhh" at the great view of Boston skyline while I enjoyed the breeze and all sorts of smell it brought to me (then I wanted to get going and not linger)

Look, I even found a blue shiny snake skin, and told my humans about it. I also found some fire hydrants that stood in the middle of the woods. They were so out of place that I howled at them super loud. I don't think it was right for them to be there. Huff!

On Sunday, they drove for about half an hour to another reservation park. This one is much bigger, they said. We ended up walking for about 2 hours (Rain was coming in so they picked a shorter trail). There were a lot more uphill climb and rocks on this trail. I had fun, but needed some help by my human to go up sometimes. (see the «video» below)

There was one incident. I thought we were the only pack on the mountain, so I was startled when another hiker came down the hill. I barked and barked at him and my humans had to hold me back. I think they think what I did was really bad. I only started barking very recently, and they are disappointed about it. Oops...

"fly" by Cornelius

On Monday, I thought we were going to spend all day togehter again, but my humans totally disappointed me. They disappeared in the afternoon to go to a "BBQ party", then, disappeared again at night for "fireworks". They said I should be happy that they didn't take me to those events. They don't get it. I never wanted to go there with them. I just think they should've stayed home with me, or taken me to another park.

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