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2011 September

I don't mind it. I don't even hate the taste. But if they are just trying to give me the treat, what is with the scrubby thing they put in my mouth? I just don't get it...

Shio The Shiba in New York City kicked off the Twiba Interviews series on his (good looking) blog a couple of weeks ago. The first one to be featured was our friend Zuko in SF. He was confident. He was funny. It was so totally Zuko.

I was so honored when Shio asked me to be interviewed next. Boy, did I talk Shio's fuzzy ear off! What can I do. I'm always thinking and I have a lot to say. 🙂

Check out the published interview on Shiotheshiba.com. Thank you Shio for taking your time to talk with me!

Shio in New York //Photo by Jonathan Fleming

BY kaiju   Sat, 24 Sep 2011

My humans were so excited that I decided to chase that little guy with a tail like ours. I don't know why...

He wasn't interested in saying hi to me, though. He went into the bush and didn't come out anymore.

I just wanted to play, but my humans say he was probably afraid of my teeth... Boo. I'm nice!

BY kaiju   Wed, 21 Sep 2011

Shiba Inus Home Security System 24-Hour Monitoring

is that what i'm supposed to be doing?

BY kaiju   Sun, 18 Sep 2011

this thing was so weird that I needed to warn it to stay away!

BY nobuko   Wed, 14 Sep 2011

We found this character "Wolfe Buddie" at an online T-shirt shop called Crywolf Clothing based in Toronto.

Well, it was actually Paul's find. He emailed me the link saying "This is my impression of Kaiju". A little timid-looking boy inside of a wild and intimidating outfit. It was perfect.

So of course, I bought the t-shirt.... and the "plushie".

Kaiju doesn't seem to mind this depiction of himself... We'll keep it away from his reach, though, for now, in case he decides to play with Wolfe Buddie.

BY the humans   Sun, 11 Sep 2011

This past weekend was both really fun and stressful for Kaiju. We took him to fun places. We also took him to where we knew he wouldn't do so well.

The visit to my workplace on Saturday was the first of those iffy places for Kaiju. There was nobody there, though, and although he clearly would have rather not been there, the visit was brief (all I needed to do there was to pick up something I forgot on Friday) and he did not have any freak-outs.

Fido Factor iPhone app then helped us find the near-by dog-friendly state park to visit. The place was great. There was no fenced-in area, but the open field was far away enough from any streets that we felt okay about letting Kaiju off-leash to play with dogs. Kaiju loves dogs and sticks to them, so when they are there, we don't feel too nervous. Kaiju was a very happy camper.

On Sunday, we watched Kaiju play with Pudding the Shiba and other dogs at the dog park in the morning. Perhaps because of the more pleasant temperature, Kaiju played for a long time and more constantly than usual.

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"A long time ago, dogs used to have a clubhouse where they would meet to play cards. When a dog had a good hand and tried to bluff, his tail would start wagging and give it away!

One clever dog had the idea to put up some hooks by the door so they could hang their tails up as they came in. When it was time for their game, no wagging gave away the fact that the dog had a good hand.

One day, there a was fire in clubhouse, and the dogs rushed out as fast as they could, quickly grabbing tails from the hooks. After they got a safe distance away, one dog said to another, 'Hey, you got my tail!' Another dog said, 'Hey, this isnt' my tail!' They all had the wrong tails on!

Now, when dogs meet, they first check to see if the dog has their tail."

this is my tail

ON TWITTER | 3:13pm   Sat, 10 Sep 2011

Working overtime at humom's office.

just not sure about the ceiling

  1. Why do you refuse to jump into the car (we know you can!) when you are clearly excited to go somewhere in the car?
  2. Why do you come rushing to the door and tell us you really want to come with us only when we are not taking you? How do you know??
  3. What is UP with the tendon chew you bring to our bed every night but never touch ever?
  4. Why do you come running to lick us when we get out of the shower? Do you like the taste of body soap? Or does it bother you that we are not completely dry?
  5. Why do you stall so much at the beginning of every walk, then do quite well after that?
  6. Do your knees hurt? 🙁
  7. Which is your favorite park, and pee spot?
  8. Who is human #1 to you… really? 😛

question to humans: why do you always stare at me?

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