1. Why do you refuse to jump into the car (we know you can!) when you are clearly excited to go somewhere in the car?
  2. Why do you come rushing to the door and tell us you really want to come with us only when we are not taking you? How do you know??
  3. What is UP with the tendon chew you bring to our bed every night but never touch ever?
  4. Why do you come running to lick us when we get out of the shower? Do you like the taste of body soap? Or does it bother you that we are not completely dry?
  5. Why do you stall so much at the beginning of every walk, then do quite well after that?
  6. Do your knees hurt? 🙁
  7. Which is your favorite park, and pee spot?
  8. Who is human #1 to you… really? 😛

question to humans: why do you always stare at me?

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