"A long time ago, dogs used to have a clubhouse where they would meet to play cards. When a dog had a good hand and tried to bluff, his tail would start wagging and give it away!

One clever dog had the idea to put up some hooks by the door so they could hang their tails up as they came in. When it was time for their game, no wagging gave away the fact that the dog had a good hand.

One day, there a was fire in clubhouse, and the dogs rushed out as fast as they could, quickly grabbing tails from the hooks. After they got a safe distance away, one dog said to another, 'Hey, you got my tail!' Another dog said, 'Hey, this isnt' my tail!' They all had the wrong tails on!

Now, when dogs meet, they first check to see if the dog has their tail."

this is my tail

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