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2011 November

We bought this thing at IKEA for Kaiju, back in September. It was on sale and half off. We thought it was cheep enough that if Kaiju destroyed it in a few weeks, it would be okay. Two plus months later, he has not made a dent on it. And he goes and lays on it quite often.

note: [#] in the text below corresponds with slide # above

We took a 3-night trip to Quebec City for this Thanksgiving weekend. It was very exciting for us, and a bummer for Kaiju. He loves Paul's parents' to which we would go normally for the holidays. Hoping to make up for the lost opportunity for Kaiju to run around in his favorite backyard, we booked this amazing loft home which was sandwiched by two large parks.

One park [6] was across the boulevard from our temporary home, and faced The St. Lawrence River [7]. We took Kaiju mostly there. It was easy to get to, and very excited Kaiju had the zoomies at every visit.

During our stay, a warehouse that was right next to this park burned down. The fire created a huge pillar of black smoke and filled the area. We were out for dinner at that time, and worried sick about Kaiju who of course was left behind, until we saw [8] how the fire was contained by the river and the boulevard.

The other park was on top of the cliff where most of the city was. It was accessible via 400 steps [9] which started about 30 seconds from our home. Kaiju did great going up and down those steps. He was happy to find a really big green park with rolling hills [9] on top of the stairs. He also got a glimpse of the city from a safe distance [11].

Back at our loft, where Kaiju spent most of his time, he had a hard time with the stairs. It was a very cool but slippery and floaty set of stairs. He walked up on it very slowly [3]. He also had a difficulty jumping down from the bed directly onto the slippery wooden floor [4]. Back home, we have a landing rug, and so he never has to do that.

Otherwise, the place was amazing. We had this two-story home all to ourselves. No housekeeping coming in. No loud noises, except for the bus passing by every 30 minutes. Kaiju stayed mostly on the bed [1] or on the couch, both of which we covered with the sheets we brought from home.

Combined with the snowy fields he got to play in on the way to and from Quebec City, we think that he enjoyed the trip. When we got home, though, he was clearly relieved. He curled up into a cute little knot, and fell asleep [13].

Another nice day! We took June and Kaiju for a quick hike in Blue Hills.

June is such a funny girl. She whines throughout the drive, and sniffs everything, and sits on Kaiju's tail.

Weekend is here!!

We went to the big dog park with June this morning. She and I chased each other. I like her lots, although we are really just friends!

She's a whippet and apparently she has to wear a jacket in winter because she doesn't have awesome double coats like we do. And at one point, my silly humans thought it'd be "funny" and "cute" to put her jacket on me.

Ha! I didn't care. It was neither funny nor cute, but I didn't let it stop me from having fun!

The humans took it off from me soon enough.

See, sometimes, being completely indifferent can make the things we don't like go away sooner. It's a Shiba wisdom... ommmmm

BY kaiju   Sat, 19 Nov 2011

"As you can see, Kaiju is becoming a global phenomenon".

More on http://www.pechakucha.org/presentations/what-is-kaiju

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I'm finally registered w/ the city! It took my humans 1.5 yrs. And we live a minute from licensing office :-O #laziness

BY the humans   Sun, 13 Nov 2011

Leaves are almost all gone.


BY the humans   Sat, 12 Nov 2011

The weather here has been incredible. It's warm(er), sunny, and perfect for visiting a dog park and hanging out with Kaiju where he is happiest.

We sat around, we held him, we watched him play with dogs...

... and tease the poor stranger .

Oh how relaxing it was. It was totally unlike the weekday mornings when we have to walk Kaiju on sidewalks around our place (Kaiju is still doing terribly). It stresses us out way before the work hours.

Anyway, hopefully this weather sticks around for a while... at least until next weekend..

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So comfy...

pillows, bed, toys, couch... all mine

This past Halloween, Kaiju "went" as a Shiba Inuit. No, we didn't actually go anywhere, but we like thinking about what he could be, if he didn't hate costumes, and if he was able to handle parties and kids.

Here are some pictures from the photo shoot. After many outtakes, we did get that perfect shot used in this year's Halloween post.




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