BY the humans   Sun, 11 Dec 2011

We had not been there in a while. This is the park we take Kaiju after the swimming sessions, and we have not been to Flowdog in a while.

Kaiju was happy. He pounced on some holes like a little fox, zoomed across the field, jumped on our legs and butts, sat down and chewed on branches ("I swear he has thumbs" said Paul) while we stood around and waited, and asked for belly rubs by rolling on the grass.

Do other Shibas dislike wooden boardwalks? Kaiju definitely does. He always needs to "think about it" a lot before walking on it.

Oh, and we tried a bit of off leash time in the woods, although we were too nervous to let it go on for too long. [3] [4]. We may need to get Tagg before we feel more comfortable.

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