Kaiju spent his Christmas holiday in Vermont, with us, grandhumans, and a hu-unkle. We were there for 5 nights. Since we planned this trip a bit late in the game, we could not book one place for the whole length of the trip. So, we stayed in one place for 3 nights and in another for 2 nights.

Kaiju did great in the first house. It delighted us to see him explore and move around. It was not the case at the 2nd house. It had more slippery floor. We were surprised to see how much this affected Kaiju. He wasn't willing to move away from his safe area (carpeted area) unless he was called.

The outside of the 2nd house was amazing for Kaiju, though. The house was isolated, standing on a hill all by itself. It had a huge private snowy field right in front. We took Kaiju as often as we could, and even let him off leash once. The freedom was quickly revoked, unfortunately, because Kaiju immediately and happily ran off and around the trees, away to the edges of the field, and totally ignored our calls.

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