In Vermont, there seems to be snow most of the time. Most of the times that I've been there anyway. I'm going to try and shiba-mindcontrol my humans to move out there!

They complained that there wasn't enough snow. I don't know what skiing is but that's what they wanted to do. I say it's nonsense. There was a lot of snow. Just look at those pictures!

Snow is fun. So much fun. They took me to a nature trail for a long walk, one day. It was amazing. Imagine being in the woods, with no scary cars and buildings. Around you, there are only trees, snow, and your humans. It's awesome. I sniffed around and hopped around. I was so excited that I had some crazy zoomies, and jumped up on my humans and nipped at them more than several times. They didn't like that. Oopsies. It was just perfect. Well... except... I just wish they'd let me off leash. I wanted to see what were in the woods. Deeper in the woods. Oh, and it would have been nice to have another dog to play with.

On some days, the snow was kind of mean to me. After light rain, it got very cold. The snow became sticky and snowballed on my paws. My humans remembered to put Musher's Secret to protect my paws, but I quickly licked it off. I probably shouldn't have. My paws hurt so much that I couldn't move at all. All I could do was to stand there, lift my paws one by one, and then lay down on the snow. My humans had to carry me home. I'll try not to lick that stuff off next time 🙁

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