BY kaiju   Sun, 1 Jan 2012

My humans decided to take me to a beach, out of nowhere, after they woke up very late. We somehow ended up on the beach in Knox's neighborhood, kinda late. When we contacted them, he and his pack kindly invited me over to their home. Wow Knox is so big now! The last time I saw him, he was half the size. Now, he looks exactly the same (same face, same shape), just bigger. He's like a big baby. And so fluffly! We first played in the backyard. We wrestled and chased. Fun! I wish I had a backyard like that...

Then we went into the house. I wasn't sure about it at first, seeing all these unknown objects..... but Knox helped me. He ran around me, in and out of the house several times. He was encouraging me. Once inside, because there was less space to move around, I just wanted to sit and relax..... but Knox had a different idea. The big puppy was so excited. He kept asking me to play. I tried to tell him I didn't feel like it, but he was all "What? Why?! It's fun!! Let's play!!"

My humom took a lot of photos. It's funny because in most pics (below, click to enlarge!), you can see I'm thinking "Knock it off Knox..." Don't get me wrong. He's a very good doggie. He listens to his humans very well and does a lot of tricks (you should see him do 'Spread Em!'!). And when his humom picked him up, he started licking her face. My humans thought it was super sweet and adorable. I'll try to match his energy level next time we play. I'm much less "grumpy old man" outside of the house, in the fields!

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