BY the humans   Sun, 19 Feb 2012

We were so excited to have gone and bought two pieces of marrow bones for Kaiju. We said to each other "wow, Kaiju is going to go crazy with it!" The butcher guy said "Yah, don't even go close to the dog while he's eating it. He'll go at it for hours and he'll get very territorial."

We got home, covered the floor with some synthetic fabric in the gated area, then we put the marrow bone and Kaiju in it. Then we watched, excitedly.

Kaiju stood there, confused about being gated, and not trusting the fabric under his feet. He stared at us as if to say "huh? what? why??"

So, we took him out of the gate, took the floor covering out in the kitchen, and tried again. He got into it for a while, then stepped out of the covering, laid down, and yawned.

We are so disappointed!

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