BY kaiju   Sat, 14 Apr 2012

Shio and Emi came to visit me at my grandhumans' home in Long Island. I have a secret crush on Emi. I tried very hard to get friendly with her, but she was very uninterested.

It's ok, I'll watch her from afar...

Shio and I played quite a bit... although, towards the end, Shio got grumpy at me. It was something about my own humom holding me. Everybody laughed but I didn't think it was funny. What a weirdo!

Oh, and there was a funny moment. Unkle Phil came out to say hi. He had been sleeping until then. Shio and Emi both went straight to him, closed their eyes, and took a good whiff of the air around him. He got teased a lot after that.

Hudad tried to play chase with Emi. It ended up scaring her. She ran away from him and all around the edges of the yard. He felt very bad... He just couldn't resist the adorableness of Emi. He promises he'd do better next time.

The best part was getting tons and tons of belly rubs from Aunt Ting! I hope they will come to visit again (and Shio will let me hang with my own humom next time).

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