BY kaiju   Sun, 22 Apr 2012

Humans and I spent the weekend in a Yurt in Maine. It was cool. The yurt was all ours, and at night, a bunch of humans' friends came over for big dinner. During the days, it was surrounded by woods and lots of trails.

But for some reason, Humans were not enjoying it as much. We hiked up to the top of a very small mountain during the day, and they were panicking all the way up. Something about ticks. Every 20 feet or so, they would find a tick or two on me trying to crawl in, and they'd flick them off. I didn't notice. I was having so much fun sniffing, trotting, running back and forth. At one point, I was so happy and I hopped, turned around, and looked at my humans with a big smile. I thought they'd be happy with me, but noooo. They both went "woah woah woah!!". Apparently, I had tick-brows. The photo above is a re-enactment. Please imagine this, but with a huge grin on my face.

Overall, during the two hour hike, my humans flicked away over 30 ticks from me. In the following 6 hours or so, they removed 5 that were attached to me. They also found many on themselves, and on the long leash that I had. I was looking forward to going to many walks and hikes in the woods, but they pretty much locked themselves inside the yurt after that. So disappointing.

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