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2012 June
ON TWITTER | 9:04am   Fri, 29 Jun 2012

Humom couldn't get us out of the bed this morning. We buddies!

ON TWITTER | 9:18am   Thu, 28 Jun 2012

I don't care what you do. I'm still not getting up...

BY the humans   Wed, 27 Jun 2012

Kaiju, almost always gets the zoomies when we take him to this athletic field, late late night when nobody's around. This is a 55-acre park with a vast grassy areas, but he especially likes this area with artificial turf.

He is a happy crazy dog on astroturf.

It poured before we left and I was told to stay under the tarp which I hate! It was stressful... Happy to be back and dry!

Our friends and we canoed out to the lake during the day, just to hang out. Since most nice shorelines were privately owned (which is really unfortunate), we couldn't just dock anywhere. After a while, we found a large rock standing in the middle of the water. It was a nice place to perch, chat, and take a dip. We had our lunch and beer with us, so we were psyched to find this place. We tied the canoes together with a rope, and wrapped it around the rock so the canoes would not drift away.

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We think Kaiju didn't mind our friends who joined for the weekend. What do you think?

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Where we camped this time was an island (23-acre with 4 camp sites). So, we decided to let Kaiju off leash during the morning hours when we walked to and from places on the trails. He did well! Towards the end of afternoon, we were more hesitant to do it because we did not want to have to look for him in the dark, if he decided to completely ditch us. Even still, he was not going to swim away or anything, so our hesitation was nothing other than us being worrywarts.

As soon as Kaiju was off-leash, he acted very differently. He was more stubborn in his insistence to go towards the direction of his choice. He, nevertheless, stuck with us mostly and happily.

A rain storm was said to hit the lake when we set out on our canoe to the island. For some reason, it never came. Instead, we got a beautiful sunset. With 3 friends who joined us, the Kaiju and we spent the night dry, full from good food, and warm from the camp fire which Kaiju hated as always.

ON TWITTER | 1:14am   Tue, 19 Jun 2012

hudad's ignored me all day b/c of new macbook pro. i whined lots just now to tell him to come sit in living room w me. he did. i'm happy now

ON TWITTER | 12:47am   Tue, 19 Jun 2012

i'm having my 1st ever proper shedding. i'm a fur bomb. humans follow me around w sticky rollers with steam coming out from ears. hilarious

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