BY the humans   Sat, 25 Aug 2012

We are lazy late-risers and cannot possibly make the most meetups that somehow tend to happen somewhere "far" at 10am. Sigh.

But finally, there was a Shiba meetup today that was manageable. This place was 15 minutes from us, and the meetup was to start at 11am. Yep, doable! Even with a bit of a hangover.

Besides, Knox and Amanda were going to be there. We wouldn't have missed it.

We looked forward to meeting one of the D-team puppies from SF, Jackson, and the little cutiepie played with Kaiju for a just little while. It was a big turnout of Shibas, but Jackson was the only puppy, so naturally everybody's eyes were on him.

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, Kaiju was not into socializing most of the time. This has never been his favorite park. And there were a few workers weedwacking the area right next to the park. It was quite warm under the Sun, too. And Kaiju was on an increased dose of anxiety med for the occasion. Kaiju spent most of the time, right next to the exit, staring out to our car.

Some dogs were smart and found cool spots in the concrete tube to avoid the direct sun. Of course, Kaiju was not one of those dogs. He stood on top of the concrete stairs, so he could observe the weedwackers.

Kaiju and Knox did acknowledge each other but without much excitement. Knox helped Kaiju, though, to go through the concrete tube for the first time ever! Thanks Knoxy.

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