BY kaiju   Sat, 15 Sep 2012

After my regular breakfast which is Honest Kitchen Zeal topped with boiled chicken, Humans decided to treat me with a boiled egg. OMD so good. I swallowed it in seconds.

Then we got on the car and went to Flowdog for my swimming session.

What's wrong with this dude in the waiting area, by the way? He smells weird and he doesn't move.


I get bored of swimming very quickly, but I enjoy how much cheer I get while swimming, from Chris the therapist, her assistant(s), and my humans.

I also do some balance board (surf board) on the water. Because by that time, I'm sick of being in the water, I climb up on the board very willingly, just so I can get out of the water.

After leaving Flowdog, as usual, we romped around in Rock Meadow conservations area.

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