We visited Hudad's good friend and his family in the suburbs. They recently moved there with kids and this was our first time there.

At first, they asked if I could stay in the basement while they dined and chatted upstairs... On seeing how I panicky I got about being left alone, they said "okay he can come up".

There were two little humans. Both were crazy about dogs. They wanted to come and pet me. One was calmer. The other was very little, excitable, and very determined to come near me. Every adult human was on the lookout to protect me, so that was good.

I found this couch in the corner which they were going to bring to salvation army soon. They said I could stay on it.

After a while, I got a little braver so I came out of the dark corner to a larger room where the kids were watching TV and playing with hudad and humom. I hopped on the white couch there and quietly sat and watched the humans.

Soon, though, the friend's wife asked me if I could stay off the couch. I got off as told, but then, didn't know where to go. I needed to be on top of furniture to feel comfortable. So I ended up back in the corner although I wanted to be closer to the humans. 🙁 I was so very uncomfortable. And it made my humans feel uncomfortable, too.

The little girls went to sleep around 8pm. After a while, though, we heard one of them cry loud in her room. Apparently, she was scared by the movie she watched in her bed. She was pale and shaking. They brought her out to the living room.

They decided to call me into the living room from my dark corner, and asked to do tricks. Shiba power! She stopped crying, and started laughing and giggling. And I scored a lot of treats!

I don't think I want to go there again, though, because the only couch I was allowed on will be given away soon.

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