BY kaiju   Fri, 21 Dec 2012

My humans tell me that my cousin Knox and his pack are moving to the "West Coast" which is really far away, and I probably will never see him again. I don't understand. I think we will see each other again. We will just go visit, just like we did in the past.

This afternoon, we met for one last play-time before they began their trip next week. It was rainy all day, but of course, right before we met, the sky cleared and the Sun shone!

Knox and I first met last October. He was still small but was already really fluffy, super out-going, and extremely sweet. I liked him right away.

Since then, we've become good friends through playdates and meetups. At meetups, because Knox is a social butterfly and I'm not, I usually stand back and wait for my turn to play with him. When he is around, I don't feel like playing with anybody else. When I get scared by things (which is not rare), Knox often comes trotting to my rescue.

In May, my humans helped Knox's humans host Northeast ShibaPalooza 2012. It was a big success. Through that and everything else, our humans have become friends, too.

So today, after playing at the dog park, Knox's pack came over to my place, and we all hung out for a couple of hours. Humans kept drinking and eating good smelling things, but of course, they never shared. It's okay though. Knox and I had our own party.

When they were leaving, it was a big chaos. Everybody was trying to hug and hold everybody else. Both Knox and I got held and kissed. So embarrassing...

I wish Knox and his hudad a safe and fun "guy" trip (they will have a head-start soon). I hope I'll see Knox's humom again before she leaves to join up with them. And, I still don't know what they are talking about. Of course I will see Knox again. We will just have to drive a bit longer. That's all.

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