BY kaiju   Mon, 24 Dec 2012

Inside my hudad's parents' home, there are a lot of strange-smelling things that were not there before. When it's not chaotic in the house, I go around and investigate them.

Those are Christmas decorations, humans told me. I see a large tree in one of the rooms with a lot of shiny things hanging from it. Then there are piles of large and small boxes around it. Humans keep telling me to go near those things so they could take pictures, but I'm pretty concerned about those boxes. They definitely look like the stuff I should worry about.

Tonight, grandhumans, hudad, and hu-uncle got dressed up and left the house to go somewhere. Humom and I were left behind, and it was very quiet for a while. We walked back to the room with the tree and explored together.

Then Humom suggested we try taking some pictures again. "You want to wish your friends 'Happy Shibamas', don't you?", said Humom. In case you didn't know, I celebrate Shibamas instead of Christmas. It's a fun event for the Shibas on Twitter (Twibas). We exchange gifts with each other every year, and eat a lot of treats.

When the humans came back from wherever they were, we all sat around the tree and opened boxes. I got to open the box from Sakura in DC. Oh My Dog. Those were awesome gifts. Bully sticks, salmon chewy treats, a fun ball that made noise and lights, some plush toys, and a very very nice letter. Ohhh I hope Leah in Illinois will like the gifts I sent her. This is so much fun.

I love Shibamas!

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