BY kaiju   Sun, 13 Jan 2013

The place we are staying is weird. It's octagon-shaped, and has very high ceilings.

I'm suspicious of the ceiling fan that's always on, and the porch makes weird squeaky noises.

The humans leave me here for hours to go "skiing". I heard the owner of this cottage offer to check up on me while they are away. I'm not sure what their response to that was. The guy seems nice. He may even give me treats?

I'm mostly on the bed in the bedroom, or the couch on the living room. I can't relax on the floor.

And when I'm on the couch with my humans, I'm extra cuddly here, to their delight.

I heard we are going to come back here in 3 weeks. I guess I won't mind that just because the outside is so awesome.

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