It was my humom's birthday weekend. She wanted to be skiing, so we joined her friends in Vermont for two nights.

There were total of 9 other humans. I had met 6 of them before. Very nice people. But still, they got together and made a lot of noise in the kitchen, shuffling stuff around, laughing and drinking. So I basically stayed in my room on the 2nd floor, on my bed, when I wasn't asked to come down to the first floor where people were.

Outside of the house, there was a huge field of soft and fluffy snow! I loved my walks. Unfortunately, I had to go through the kitchen to get outside. When it came to the time to walk, I ran through it and kept myself as close to the glass sliding door to the porch as possible. It was about 1Fº
outside and the humans took forever to get ready. Me? no need for gloves or jackets! My paws got cold a bit, but after moving around for a while, it was fine.

On the 2nd day, June the Whippet came (she brought her humans too!). I felt suddenly a lot more at ease about everything. I came down stairs to play with her, and explored the house while following her around. I played with her lots, too, but only on rugs. Every human was all "wow, he's a different dog now that June's here!"

On the 3rd day, my humans and some others stayed at home and didn't go skiing. I gave one of them a licking wet spot, but in return, I had to endure some petting, snuggling, and costuming.

We also went walking in the woods. Humans put some weird stuff on their feet. They are so funny. They need to put so many things on them in order to go outside.

I love going to snowy countries! I'm hoping the next trip up will be just us, though. And I hope they will stay with me the entire time.

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