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  • Hey guys! So, I need some advice. The last few days Avacyn has been grinding her teeth. She did have some plaque build up, but I brushed a lot of that away. I haven't noticed anything in between her teeth either. After brushing I did notice what could be a crack. My husband says that it's part of he...
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We see Shibas in the simple and poetic works of the illustrator, Tatsuro Kiuchi often. Do visit his flickr page. |
Great information source for dog owners about dog-friendly events and places in and around Boston area, with great photographs. |
  • This year we are heading back to Boston for the holidays. The Magnificent Moose and I are driving from San Francisco to Boston taking a meandering route to the south so we can shoot a series of photos and explore the beautiful things the people with dogs can enjoy. Keep reading Home For The Holiday...
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Melissa was Kaiju's puppy kindergarten trainer. Completing that class before the injury was truly a blessing. |
  • When I first joined the +Car Talk blogging team, there was one piece I knew immediately that I'd want to write. Thanks to a fantastic effort by local friends, the Taunton Police Department, my blogging partner Sip, and the CarTalk team, it's finally a reality!  Thank you to K9 Blitz, Patrolma...
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Veterinarian and Animal Behaviorist, Dr. Yin. We solved our nail cutting problem with one of her Youtube videos. We are eternally thankful for that. |
Nicole is an internationally recognized author and lecturer on dog/wolfdog behavior. |
  • Tuesday afternoon, after being gone most of the day, I returned home to find Sierra looking strange. She had been acting perfectly normal when I left her in the morning, but now she just stood there, hindquarters trembling, eyes slightly squinty, just looking wrong somehow. It crossed my mind that i...
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The certified Behaviourist, Patricia McConnell's blog. She is most respected by professional dog trainers and veterinarians.
  • Justin was a six-year old boy who had spent five years, from age one to age six, in a kennel. His caretaker was not intentionally cruel, but was cognitively challenged, and had no idea how to raise a child. He felt it was best to care for him as he did his dogs. Justin and the dogs were fed, given s...
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We met her for a consultation. She was knowledgable, clear, honest, warm, and encouraging. Visit this site if you struggle with dog's fear-based behaviors. |
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Kaiju's behaviorist since December 2011, after Dr. Ogata left the area |
  • A long time ago, in one of my earlier books, I wrote about the possible contribution of dietary (and other) allergy to aggressive behavior. I reported that I had recommended to an owner that she should switch her dog’s food to Nature’s Recipe – a 20% protein ration – to help address its agg...
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