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Kaiju's behaviorist since December 2011, after Dr. Ogata left the area |
  • A long time ago, in one of my earlier books, I wrote about the possible contribution of dietary (and other) allergy to aggressive behavior. I reported that I had recommended to an owner that she should switch her dog’s food to Nature’s Recipe – a 20% protein ration – to help address its agg...
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Great information source for dog owners about dog-friendly events and places in and around Boston area, with great photographs. |
  • "Where is a dog friendly beach near Boston where my dog can swim?", might be the most popular question from Boston dog owners during the summer. I love going to the beach for a swim and so does my dog. Swimming is a great way to burn off extra energy and let them cool off at the same time. Besides,...
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Nicole is an internationally recognized author and lecturer on dog/wolfdog behavior. |
  • This past weekend my husband and I saw the film Whiplash. The story centers around a teenage music student whose teacher is…well, I can’t really print the words that would accurately describe him. But at one point the student, a drummer, is asked to play solo a few bars of a piece the group has...
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The certified Behaviourist, Patricia McConnell's blog. She is most respected by professional dog trainers and veterinarians.
  • Recently a blog reader wrote in after one of her dogs snapped at her. The incident generated a lively conversation in the comment section, and I thought it was worth writing a post about it. So many of us have been in a similar situation that I thought it would be a valuable discussion for lots of d...
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Veterinarian and Animal Behaviorist, Dr. Yin. We solved our nail cutting problem with one of her Youtube videos. We are eternally thankful for that. |
We see Shibas in the simple and poetic works of the illustrator, Tatsuro Kiuchi often. Do visit his flickr page. |
We met her for a consultation. She was knowledgable, clear, honest, warm, and encouraging. Visit this site if you struggle with dog's fear-based behaviors. |
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  • (I crossposted this from my original post on the NK forum)Recently some Akitas were rescued from a mill closing down--these dogs are currently at BEAR. There is another auction coming up, and there will be more Akitas up for auction, as well as a number of Shibas. Please consider donating even a f...
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Melissa was Kaiju's puppy kindergarten trainer. Completing that class before the injury was truly a blessing. |
  • I have too many friends in the veterinary industry to NOT share this link and PSA in the light of Dr. Sophia Yin's passing on Monday.  The team at VetGirl had re-posted (for free) a recent webinar on suicide in the veterinarian industry after a few high profile recent suicides in the profession an...
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