The social life of a Shiba Inu, Winnie, and her foster friends | |
  • Well, kinda sorta. It's been awhile since I've blogged. I guess my typist has been busy. 2013 was the year I got a brofur, resumed hiking, and saw approximately 18 foster Shibas come through mom's re... | read more »
Lucky Shibas, living in Hawaii... and they are possibly the cutest pair around! | |
A pertty girl in San Diego, but named Tokyo. She's an avid traveller. | |
Crazy adventures of two Shiba Inus, Sumo and Kicho | |
  • Unfortunately, my entire blog crashed. In the process of trying to restore all of my old posts. | read more »
Photographer in SF shoots his gorgeous Shiba, Suki
Life of Yamato in an old town Kyoto (a remote relative of Kaiju. Yamato's grandfather is Kaiju's great great great grandfather)
beautiful photolog of a boy and his shiba. Their RSS is weird and does not like to show photos. So you probably want to click the title and go to their site.
You just MUST visit this site and go through the endless supply of the cutest Shiba cartoons. Also, make sure you visit the Etsy store and get the Shiba-toon goods.
pretty Misaki now has her own tumblr
Everybody knows Taro. He's a tiny Shiba with a big heart. Cute and fun all the way. | |
Cool is a B&T shiba in Japan. He is an athlete and his owner makes absolutely adorable illustrations of thier lives together. | |
This wise Shiba, Cortez Squirrelsbane Shiba-san, advises us about everything. Recommended post: “The Idiot’s Guide to Living With A Shiba"
A breeder in Japan. Her descriptions of everyday tasks and life there are so warm and loving. AND her dogs are adorable.
gorgeous photos and warm and fuzzy stories. | |
French/English bilingual site about Akira the Shiba!
ゴローとタラコ君の柴犬日記: cute cartoons!
  • 庭で見つけた山椒の幼木を鉢植えにしてベランダで育ててると色々な虫が来ます。 アゲハの幼虫とか(^ー^*) なんか尺取虫みたいな虫(^... | read more »
Shiba + Basenji, such a cute combination!
Zuko is social and hilarous both on his blog and twitter. He rules over the city of SF. | |
  • As the official mascot of a company and a VIP (Very Important Pup), I haz Zuko Cam! Humom says it iz to spy on me, I say it iz to help accomplish #shibaworlddomination. *huff* You can find the | read more »

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