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BY kaiju  VIA TWITTER  7:54pm | May 3, 2012
Is this it??
BY kaiju  VIA TWITTER  12:16pm | May 3, 2012
a/c technician came to survey. i didn't run away! i sat next to my humans, stared at him & listened to his spiel quietly. humans very happy!
BY kaiju  VIA TWITTER  2:30pm | May 2, 2012

i don't know about you, but i'm rootin' for the fox

BY kaiju  VIA TWITTER  9:37pm | May 1, 2012

Not a single fudge wuz given.

BY kaiju  VIA TWITTER  10:28am | May 1, 2012

I start my protest 1st thing in the morning right outside the door

BY kaiju  VIA TWITTER  11:23pm | Apr 29, 2012

Presenting my first drawing! It's abstract. Enjoy the making-of video too!

BY kaiju  VIA TWITTER  4:22pm | Apr 28, 2012
Weekend afternoon nap is better than weekday ones cuz both humans are next to me
BY kaiju  6:35pm | Apr 27, 2012
BY kaiju  6:23pm | Apr 25, 2012

The 1st new Shiba bed in a year and half. Not sure if I like it yet...

Hudad's helping me like it, though.

BY kaiju  VIA TWITTER  8:11pm | Apr 24, 2012

Decided to sit and watch the frisbee players while my humans begged me to keep moving

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