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BY kaiju  VIA TWITTER  10:10pm | Oct 31, 2011


my humom is back*!! she's brought yummy treats for me. wag wag! twirl twirl! kiss kiss! hope she'll never disappear again. it was very uncool

*from being away for 2.5 weeks in japan

BY kaiju  9:03pm | Oct 28, 2011


Check out my costume from last year, too!

BY kaiju  1:47pm | Oct 25, 2011

I spent last week on Long Island! It was so much fun... I love it there!

Every day, I would wake up, go out to the backyard, dig holes in the ground, and wait for someone to come play with me! It's way more fun out there with company. On Friday I got a pawsome surprise, as Shio and Goo Goo came over to play!

(Here is the post about the fun visit on Shio's blog. )

BY kaiju  VIA TWITTER  7:11pm | Oct 2, 2011
biiiig park this morning. small dog park this evening. i've not walked the regular route this weekend. why can't every day be like this.
BY kaiju  11:27pm | Oct 1, 2011

June's human wanted to pet me, but you see, it's not that easy.

I made up for it, though. I was a really good pal to June for rest of the stay at the park.

We shared my water bowl! I let her cuz she's my furriend.

She said "thanks!" and I said "noooo problem!"

BY kaiju  11:28pm | Sep 27, 2011

I don't mind it. I don't even hate the taste. But if they are just trying to give me the treat, what is with the scrubby thing they put in my mouth? I just don't get it...

BY kaiju  11:17pm | Sep 24, 2011

My humans were so excited that I decided to chase that little guy with a tail like ours. I don't know why...

He wasn't interested in saying hi to me, though. He went into the bush and didn't come out anymore.

I just wanted to play, but my humans say he was probably afraid of my teeth... Boo. I'm nice!

BY kaiju  11:49pm | Sep 21, 2011

Shiba Inus Home Security System 24-Hour Monitoring

is that what i'm supposed to be doing?

BY kaiju  3:30pm | Sep 18, 2011

this thing was so weird that I needed to warn it to stay away

BY kaiju  VIA TWITTER  3:13pm | Sep 10, 2011

Working overtime at humom's office.

just not sure about the ceiling

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