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BY kaiju  4:00pm | Jan 21, 2013

They are not too long. They don't need to be trimmed.

Please kindly leave my paws alone.

BY kaiju  7:48pm | Jan 20, 2013

It was my humom's birthday weekend. She wanted to be skiing, so we joined her friends in Vermont for two nights.

There were total of 9 other humans. I had met 6 of them before. Very nice people. But still, they got together and made a lot of noise in the kitchen, shuffling stuff around, laughing and drinking. So I basically stayed in my room on the 2nd floor, on my bed, when I wasn't asked to come down to the first floor where people were.

BY kaiju  4:38pm | Jan 15, 2013

When hudad came back home tonight, I only moved my eye lids and nothing else. Normally, I would run to the door, wag my tail, fold back my ears, jump on to him, to greet him.

Can we go back away from the city, again, tomorrow?

BY kaiju  11:01pm | Jan 13, 2013

The place we are staying is weird. It's octagon-shaped, and has very high ceilings.

I'm suspicious of the ceiling fan that's always on, and the porch makes weird squeaky noises.

The humans leave me here for hours to go "skiing". I heard the owner of this cottage offer to check up on me while they are away. I'm not sure what their response to that was. The guy seems nice. He may even give me treats?

I'm mostly on the bed in the bedroom, or the couch on the living room. I can't relax on the floor.

And when I'm on the couch with my humans, I'm extra cuddly here, to their delight.

I heard we are going to come back here in 3 weeks. I guess I won't mind that just because the outside is so awesome.

BY kaiju  12:13pm | Jan 13, 2013

Humans and I are in this place called "Maine" for the weekend. I definitely don't like that they leave me in the cottage for hours to play in the snow without me. I have been here before some years ago, but this is not my home, so I don't like being here alone.

When they come back and take me out for a walk, though it is soooo pawsome. I can't stop my tail from bouncing, and I just go wild!

BY nobuko  9:46pm | Jan 1, 2013

The fun in the snow just keeps on coming. Humom is off from work for days and days, so they take me out to a fun place every single day. I hope this continues forever.

BY kaiju  3:50pm | Dec 31, 2012

BY kaiju  5:00pm | Dec 30, 2012

Dog Park visit this morning was so much fun. The snow was very light and fluffy.

BY kaiju  11:20pm | Dec 29, 2012

Humom assumed I would be so excited once I saw the snow outside. Nope. I peed while watching for suspicious activities.

I was worried about the ventilation noise coming from the building, and was very happy to be back inside!

BY kaiju  11:46pm | Dec 27, 2012

I heard somebody bark. It woke me up. Who was it??? Sheesh.

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