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BY kaiju  8:20am | Aug 13, 2011

So, on top of going to the awesome park earlier, I had a friend come over late night! My humans went out, and brought home their human friend & her Whippet, June.

She is SOOO bouncy (although she's a lot calmer than, say, half year ago).

The human friend said June was kind of territorial at her own home and having a doggie guest never worked out well. So she was worried about how I would react to having June in the house, but c'mon, we've tried this before and although it was very brief, it went pretty well.

And of course, everything went very well, again... we played, we drank water, and we layed down, together!



June really likes me, I think?

Anyway, I'd say we are good friends now and she can come over any time! I'm a good host :) If you would like to see us playing, please check out this video!

Unfortunately, June made a mistake in the kitchen, and the pawty was over then because the humans had to clean up. She'll do better next time. She just drank too much water. That's all.

BY kaiju  11:10pm | Aug 12, 2011

It's Friday, and it was a really good Friday! First, my humom came home early, and they took me to this awesome park that is so big and really empty. I get so excited every time I go there. We had an awesome time.



BY kaiju  VIA TWITTER  1:24pm | Aug 12, 2011

Someone called me "an enchanting creature" yesterday. I just Googled it. Hmmm??

BY kaiju  VIA TWITTER  10:08am | Aug 9, 2011
humans asked the vet about this stuff on my nipples. he answers "oh that's just nipple cheese". my humans were "?!?!?!" and i was :) :) :)
BY kaiju  VIA TWITTER  6:05pm | Jul 22, 2011

can i help you?

Why don't you tell me about yourself...

BY kaiju  VIA TWITTER  4:22pm | Jul 19, 2011

i think this was a rude thing to do, in hindsight. what did i know? i was little.

BY kaiju  VIA TWITTER  4:02pm | Jul 19, 2011

H2O Have you shopped at Planet MOMO? I got some cool stuff, like a sleek water bottle!

BY kaiju  11:26pm | Jul 16, 2011

I met this really pretty girl at a park. She is a Shiba & American Eskimo Dog mix. We said hi to each other, but had to go our separate ways. I hope I will see her again....


BY kaiju  VIA TWITTER  6:04pm | Jul 10, 2011

Finally home, finally asleep...

it's good to be home

BY kaiju  VIA TWITTER  3:05pm | Jul 10, 2011

I'm not gonna fall asleep. I'm not gonna fall asleep.

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