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BY kaiju  1:27am | Jul 5, 2011

"Fourth of July" long weekend! I love long weekends. I get to spend a lot more time and do fun things with my humans. And, this weekend, they took me to nature parks both on Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday, we did a 1.5 hour round-trip walk at a reservation park about 20-minute-drive away from home. We went through woods, across some mud, creeks, and up and up on the hills. When we finally arrived at the top of this one rocky hill, my humans went "ahhhh" at the great view of Boston skyline while I enjoyed the breeze and all sorts of smell it brought to me (then I wanted to get going and not linger)

Look, I even found a blue shiny snake skin, and told my humans about it. I also found some fire hydrants that stood in the middle of the woods. They were so out of place that I howled at them super loud. I don't think it was right for them to be there. Huff!

BY kaiju  8:43pm | Jul 1, 2011

My walks go like this these days. We start walking. I pause here and there, look around, and stall. My humans say "let's go Kaiju" and give me a pull. I pull back, but have no choice but to walk forward, just for 3 steps or so. Then I pause, again. Rinse and repeat. We eventually make it to my pee spot. I finish my business.

Then I start stalling again. I pull back, and I even sit to protest if I hear some engine noises or the door opening ahead of us. I just don't feel like going near them. My humans let me sit there for a while, let the car or whatever pass, then say "Let's go Kaiju", then a pull.

BY kaiju  11:57pm | Jun 25, 2011

Flowdog session this morning. Look how I surf and scheme the escape at the same time! I almost succeeded, too!

BY kaiju  VIA TWITTER  1:37am | Jun 23, 2011

it was pouring all day. so i was excused to be lazy all day, too. it's my kinda weekday...

BY kaiju  VIA TWITTER  12:29am | Jun 23, 2011

branches are nommy

BY kaiju  6:01pm | Jun 20, 2011

Introducing my grandfather, Jou (my dad's dad). His long name is CH Honjou No Beniaoi Go Bingo Kashimasou (本庄乃紅葵号 備後神島荘). He was bred by Kanji Takahsahi (高橋完治) in Japan, then brought to the U.S. by Hi-Jinx Shiba in 2002. I think he has since moved to "The Netherlands." If "The Netherlands" is in driving distance, I definitely want go meet him someday!


I did meet the other grandfather (my mom's dad), Sonny. His long name is "Ch. Cape Cod's Native Son AOM". He lived in the same house as me during my first 10 weeks. He even greeted my humans by licking them a lot when they first came to visit the house back in October 2009.

Moving on, here is my father, Raiff. His long name is Ch Hi-Jinx American Graffiti. I've never met him. I grew up with my mom and my siblings for the first 10 weeks. I think he lives in Connecticut. We have driven through Connecticut many times, and my humans never stop the car to say hi to him. He is probably really busy and has many kids and grand kids. Who knows, though. I may meet him someday, too!

And most importantly, here is my human #1, aka hudad. He takes care of me every day and tries to protect me from scary monsters. He also makes me go for walks 4 times a day. I try to tell him that I don't want to by pulling back and sitting down, but he still makes me. Huff! I like getting lazy with him, playing rough with him, and chasing him. He's my favorite human!

BY kaiju  11:38pm | Jun 19, 2011

Can you see I had a great time with everyone??

"Bunch of Keys" by Mr. Scruff

BY kaiju  VIA TWITTER  1:49pm | Jun 18, 2011


In my favoritest backyard in LI! I whine constantly to let humans know i want to be let out. And they have no will power againt my begging!

BY kaiju  VIA TWITTER  6:11pm | Jun 16, 2011

how, when, and where should i dig in...


BY kaiju  VIA TWITTER  10:41pm | Jun 15, 2011

sending the bruins all my shiba good luck charm!


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