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BY kaiju  11:20pm | Dec 29, 2012

Humom assumed I would be so excited once I saw the snow outside. Nope. I peed while watching for suspicious activities.

I was worried about the ventilation noise coming from the building, and was very happy to be back inside!

BY kaiju  11:46pm | Dec 27, 2012

I heard somebody bark. It woke me up. Who was it??? Sheesh.

BY kaiju  11:18pm | Dec 24, 2012

Inside my hudad's parents' home, there are a lot of strange-smelling things that were not there before. When it's not chaotic in the house, I go around and investigate them.

Those are Christmas decorations, humans told me. I see a large tree in one of the rooms with a lot of shiny things hanging from it. Then there are piles of large and small boxes around it. Humans keep telling me to go near those things so they could take pictures, but I'm pretty concerned about those boxes. They definitely look like the stuff I should worry about.

Tonight, grandhumans, hudad, and hu-uncle got dressed up and left the house to go somewhere. Humom and I were left behind, and it was very quiet for a while. We walked back to the room with the tree and explored together.

Then Humom suggested we try taking some pictures again. "You want to wish your friends 'Happy Shibamas', don't you?", said Humom. In case you didn't know, I celebrate Shibamas instead of Christmas. It's a fun event for the Shibas on Twitter (Twibas). We exchange gifts with each other every year, and eat a lot of treats.

When the humans came back from wherever they were, we all sat around the tree and opened boxes. I got to open the box from Sakura in DC. Oh My Dog. Those were awesome gifts. Bully sticks, salmon chewy treats, a fun ball that made noise and lights, some plush toys, and a very very nice letter. Ohhh I hope Leah in Illinois will like the gifts I sent her. This is so much fun.

I love Shibamas!

BY kaiju  11:19pm | Dec 23, 2012

I spent a week and a day at grandhumans' in LI with my hudad last month while my humom visited her family in Japan. It's only been a month since then, and I'm already back here. I love the holiday season!

BY kaiju  11:33pm | Dec 21, 2012

My humans tell me that my cousin Knox and his pack are moving to the "West Coast" which is really far away, and I probably will never see him again. I don't understand. I think we will see each other again. We will just go visit, just like we did in the past.

This afternoon, we met for one last play-time before they began their trip next week. It was rainy all day, but of course, right before we met, the sky cleared and the Sun shone!

BY kaiju  9:06pm | Dec 20, 2012

Knox's and my humans have planned out our playdate for this coming Friday. Here is Knox's humom telling him about it.

Here is my hudad telling me about it.

BY kaiju  4:35pm | Dec 14, 2012

Finally, after my silent shiba mindcontrol, humans took me out. Humom and I recently discovered this lookout point in the park we frequent. Hudad had never been there, so we took him.

Then, we walked around in the woods. Since Sandy the giant storm, many trees have fallen and been blocking the trails. Some, I can clear easily. Some others, I need a little help.

BY kaiju  1:52pm | Dec 14, 2012

I know you are off from work today. Why haven't you taken me somewhere fun yet?

BY kaiju  11:13pm | Dec 10, 2012

We visited Hudad's good friend and his family in the suburbs. They recently moved there with kids and this was our first time there.

At first, they asked if I could stay in the basement while they dined and chatted upstairs... On seeing how I panicky I got about being left alone, they said "okay he can come up".

There were two little humans. Both were crazy about dogs. They wanted to come and pet me. One was calmer. The other was very little, excitable, and very determined to come near me. Every adult human was on the lookout to protect me, so that was good.

I found this couch in the corner which they were going to bring to salvation army soon. They said I could stay on it.

After a while, I got a little braver so I came out of the dark corner to a larger room where the kids were watching TV and playing with hudad and humom. I hopped on the white couch there and quietly sat and watched the humans.

BY kaiju  VIA TWITTER  6:26pm | Dec 8, 2012

How I made my humans stay as soon as they talked about going somewhere w/out me

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