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BY the humans  11:03pm | Feb 28, 2015

It's so amazing how well Kaiju does when Paul clips his nails these days. It used to be such an intense event that we dreaded. It often accompanied with Shiba-screams and a full-force resistance. Kaiju was so scared and he would fling his head around so hard it hit our lips which sometimes swelled up and bled.

What brought this wonderful change in Kaiju's attitude towards nail clipping? This video made by wonderful Dr. Sophia Yin (who sadly passed away recently). Kaiju was just like this dog in the video (at the beginning of the video) during his first couple of years with us. If you are having trouble, try following exactly what she does in the video.

We owe her so very much.

BY kaiju  3:39pm | Dec 13, 2014


Humans: "Look Kaiju! We finally got you a brother!" "He has no hair... I hope that's all right with you."

BY kaiju  8:42pm | Nov 10, 2013

I lived with my grandhumans for the past 3 human weeks. That's five whole dog months. It felt like a long time. I almost assumed I was going to live there now, forever.

Grandhumans were very good to me. They have a gigantic fenced-in yard where they would play with me for a long time. Their daily schedule was so regular, unlike my humans. I liked that a lot. When grandhudad came home from work, I'd get so excited that my tail would go crazy. And it made him giggle so much. I felt good living there for sure.

BY kaiju  3:25pm | Oct 18, 2013

My humans have been so stressed lately. My usual home had seen big and small boxes coming in and disappearing. The humans made a lot of noise with those boxes and tapes, and they kept taking things away. The house became so empty, in the end, and we were sleeping on the floor on a weird bed (air mattress, they said) for the past week or so.

When they finally took the last piece out of the house, they put me in the car, went somewhere, unloaded some of the things, and after 4 hours of driving, boom! we have arrived at my favorite backyard!!

They say I'll have to stay here with my grand humans for a while until we have the home ready to live. I don't understand. We had a place to live. The place I have grown up. Why can't we go back and live there?

They say I will like the new place. I dunno. I like my usual home just fine...

BY kaiju  12:13pm | Jan 13, 2013

Humans and I are in this place called "Maine" for the weekend. I definitely don't like that they leave me in the cottage for hours to play in the snow without me. I have been here before some years ago, but this is not my home, so I don't like being here alone.

When they come back and take me out for a walk, though it is soooo pawsome. I can't stop my tail from bouncing, and I just go wild!

BY kaiju  11:46pm | Dec 27, 2012

I heard somebody bark. It woke me up. Who was it??? Sheesh.

BY kaiju  9:06pm | Dec 20, 2012

Knox's and my humans have planned out our playdate for this coming Friday. Here is Knox's humom telling him about it.

Here is my hudad telling me about it.

BY kaiju  VIA TWITTER  1:29pm | Oct 6, 2012

Dog park time!!

BY the humans  11:35pm | Sep 3, 2012

But not the water...

BY kaiju  VIA TWITTER  3:45pm | Jun 16, 2012

Finally captured my tail!!

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