BY nobuko   Wed, 17 Mar 2010

It's beautiful out. It's also so good to see Kaiju happy outside on the little lawn area, to and from which we carry him for potty breaks. After finishing his business, he wants to sniff everything and to go after little tree branches to chew on and carry around.


No matter how nice it is outside and no matter how good we feel or he seems to feel, we must restrict him to minimal activities in order for him to have the best chance for a happy life. So we pick him up right after, and go home, where there is no sun coming through (our apartment faces northeast, and surrounded by other buildings).

Both the trainer for the puppy kindergarten and the breeder have been so concerned for Kaiju and supportive for us. It is good to feel we have some support when we, the first time dog owners, feel helpless and frustrated and lost. They both repeatedly told us about keeping him restricted. Nothing I read on the Web ever says anything about encouraging the dog to move around, either.

So, we have to be strong.

Our breeder says:

Kaiju's healing and long term quality of life are directly proportionate to the supervision and restriction of activity through the next couple of months. Far better to delay gratification of allowing him to choose his course of recovery for a couple of months in order to give him the greatest opportunity for a good quality of life for a 15 + year of life. ...... This is an animal, not a human and it does not understand the necessary needs to fulfill the healing process. It is up to you to guide Kaiju through the road of recovery regardless of how good he may "appear" to feel.

Our trainer says:

It sucks when they are sick or injured, and it's not ideal for training, but you got to do the best you can, and I'd rather see him healthy and happy a bit later than re-injured and frustrated at new dogs that may last for the rest of his life.

Thank you for the reminders. We really appreciate it.

i'll be good and calm

i'll be good and calm

BY nobuko   Sun, 14 Mar 2010

It was the first night back from the hospital last night. Kaiju woke us up about 3 hours after the regular "good night" ritual (giving him a little food in the crate, petting him, and closing the crate door) with some intense whining. We did not experience this even during the first few days of his first arrival back in January. Sure he whined, but not this loudly and not this persistently. We have always been pretty good about ignoring him when he does this, so he has been very quick to give up too. Last night, it was a different story. He just would not quit crying. He managed to get us over to his crate to check on him. We looked in and saw nothing unusual. We left him there, and went back to sleep with ear plugs. A few hours later, I woke up and heard nothing from his crate other than his breathing.

Was he scared? Needy because of the pain or the hospital experience, or the awful cone around his face? (I imagine having that Elizabethan Cone is like having our arms tied up.) The pain medication was administered at dinner time, so I would think it was not the pain. We will see how he does tonight. We will be better about not going over there tonight, too.


Ah-ha, I found this thread online. Apparently, the pain med that he's on sometimes gives dogs anxiety. On top of the e-cone, that may have been the reason he was so apprehensive in his crate last night. The vet who sent us home with it didn't tell us about this side effect, either. (11:20pm)



three pins and a compression wire are holding the growth plates in my knee in place…

Kaiju's Right Knee

Kaiju's Right Knee

We have found out the cause of Kaiju's slow recovery. He actually has had a fracture on the right knee all this time. Here is more info.

So the clinic not only dropped him (due to a careless maneuver of an already injured puppy) and fractured his right knee, but also did not find out with the first set of Xrays and the examinations that it was a fracture. As a result, they encouraged us to move him around while masking his pain with the pain medication. We did just that for 10 days, making the fracture even worse and therefore harder to fix, until they called us back for another set of X-rays. As far as I am concerned, those two very unfortunate errors broke our poor Kaiju.

We took him to an emergency room at the biggest animal hospital in the area, based to our vet's referral. We walked in with the X-ray pictures taken today at the clinic. I had never been at this hospital. It's huge. And it's set up just like a human hospital (I guess it's normal). It was clean, and everyone was very nice, but at the same time, a lot more business-like than our regular clinic.

Kaiju has been admitted and we'll wait for a call tomorrow morning from an orthopedic surgeon about more specific plans for him. We just hope that our vet clinic will do the right thing and cover all costs for the surgery, as wellas any cares/treatments necessary after-(long-after)ward, without making it difficult for us. We won't be covered by the insurance now for those problems, either, because this is a big fat pre-existing condition.

Tibial Tuberosity Avulsion Fracture

BY nobuko   Sat, 6 Mar 2010

Kaiju is finally putting some weight on the right hind (worse) leg. He keeps a lot more weight is on the left (less bad) leg at all times, so his body is contorted while walking. He also cannot keep walking for more than 20 seconds. He needs to sit down. He walks like an old dog. It makes us very sad. It has been 5+ days. The vet originally said he'd bounce back to normal in a few days. It does not look like the case.

What really is unfortunate is that his socialization progress seems to have been reverted. He is a lot more skittish with strangers. It's no wonder. He spends most of the day cooped up in his tiny gated area in our apartment, for 5 straight days (this is to restrict the use of affected leg). We used to take him out for at least an hour walk every day. Now it's just potty breaks and a little bit of stumbling around during the breaks. We keep him away from other dogs because we don't want him to get too excited. It is a major set back for a lot of things for which he made such good progresses in the past month and half.

It was 50+ degrees and sunny out today. We took Kaiju to the park and sat/walked around. We wanted to encourage him to use those bad legs so his muscles will stay flexible and strong. We also wanted to give him some mental stimulation. He'd been cooped up in the apartment all week, and probably was bored to death.  Outside on the grass and in the sun, Kaiju seemed happy smelling everything, biting into tree branches and pinecones, and sticking his nose into every hole he found.


BY paul   Mon, 1 Mar 2010

Nobuko and I are both so distraught right now... Kaiju was playing with his half-sister, Stella, at the dog park, when he suddenly sat down. It was obvious something was up... but, he was determined to keep playing. That's when we noticed him limping around. We immediately took action to keep him from over-exerting his injured left hind leg. It obviously was bothering him, but he seemed well enough to carefully ride it out the rest of the day (a Sunday) until the morning when we would take him to see his vet. The doctor said that it seemed his knee was a bit swollen, but that he was putting 'some' weight on it. It all led him to believe that some anti-inflammatory and some rest would do the trick... or at least to start with that, and we'll see how he progresses. After the diagnosis, he asked the vet technician to weigh him (having just turned 4 months old today, he just grows and grows).

... but that's when the unthinkable happened.

Just as the tech was putting him down, he squirmed, and she let him go and dropped him from maybe just below waist height, to the hard tiled floor! He let out a HUGE shiba scream... and now... well, now, his OTHER LEG IS EVEN WORSE,  probably because he was compensating for his originally injured leg on the landing. What a horrible, horrible turn of events... the poor guy can't walk at all right now, as both hind legs are injured. He's currently getting x-rayed... so we are just left hoping for the best. Nobuko and I stepped out of the office and just held each other tight.

mr. chunkyhead spends his 4 month birthday in a crate at the vets


x-rays came back negative... so the vet says it is most likely soft-tissue injuries to his rear knees. We were given some medication that will hopefully make him more comfortable, and we'll see how he does over the next day. What a morning this turned out to be.

UPDATE #2...

Kaiju is back with us now, but he can barely walk at all. Thankfully, he seems content just sleeping all day! We are hoping to see big improvements tomorrow. Hoping.

UPDATE #3...

10 days later we find out, it was fractured after all...

Pedigree commercial. Well done...

See more information on this video here. The style of this ad is extremely close to this Vitalic video, and the music is pretty bad compare to Vitalic, but hey, this one does have a beautiful Shiba Inu in it, so I call it a tie.

BY nobuko   Tue, 23 Feb 2010

Vet visit today. On the 1/8 visit, he was a little over 8 ponuds. On 1/27, he was 10 pounds. And today (4 weeks later), he is 13 pounds! He is a super growing puppy!

i am 8 pounds!

i am 13 pounds!

I just did a quick search on "KAIJU THE SHIBA INU" and look what came up.
I guess people think they can take advantage of his extreme cuteness! But did they have to steal his name too?
Just another example of why you should always get your puppy from a REPUTABLE BREEDER!

BY kaiju   Mon, 1 Feb 2010

My humans have been playing with me correctly these days. They throw a round object for me to go and fetch. When I come back with it, they give me treats. I don't really want to give it up sometimes. Because it's mine. But then I don't get to go grab it again, so I let them have it just temporarily.

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