BY paul   Wed, 4 Nov 2009

Hi Paul

I was reading about this breed and I think you are looking for trouble
Beautiful dog but lots of work
I hope you are up for this


BY the humans   Tue, 3 Nov 2009

Dear Paul and Nobuko,

I am please to announce the arrival of Kiki/Raif pups, born on October 29th.  4 red girls and 1 red boy. I am also pleased to announce the arrival of Sugar/Raif pups born on November 1st. 1 red girl and 3 red boys.

Moms and babes are all doing well. Will be in touch soon.



This may or may not be Kaiju. Kaiju was one of the 3 boys, and we think this may be him because he was the only one who didn't come out of the crate.

2:06 PM Nobuko:
2:07 PM another breed that i like... (it's my lunch time)
  Paul: yeah... those guys are cute
  Nobuko: yep 🙂
2:08 PM Paul: sounds like a good one
  Nobuko: i can't stop looking
  Paul: alert... active, not noisy... friendly
  Nobuko: so cute
  Paul: sounds good
  do they send it over from japan?
2:09 PM Nobuko: i think there are breeders here in the US

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