BY the humans  Tue, 3 May 2011

It's been half a year since Kaiju went to see a behaviorist for his fearfulness. We have been in touch with her (who happens to be from Japan and very familiar with Shiba Inus) every few weeks to report back the progresses Kaiju made, or mostly lack of it. Kaiju has been put on medication since then, called Buspirone. He has also been completely free to roam around anywhere in the apartment even when we are not here. This was a big change. We used to put him in a small gated area whenever we left him alone at home. She told us to let him explore, make up his own mind, and the most awesome for Kaiju of all, be naughty.

Six months later, he is no longer afraid of paper bags that we bring home from grocery stores (he now sticks his head in them), or the random objects that are in foyer right outside of our door, such as UPS packages for other residents and newspapers. He now goes in to the bathroom to sniff around all on his own, whereas we couldn't even lure him into it with treats before. Outside, he no longer panics and flees when people come out of apartment buildings, and he can walk past trash bins without making big half-circles around them. He seems okay with strollers and rolling bags, too. These days, he sniffs around a lot while walking which he didn't do before because he was too nervous. He is often too nervous to take treats from us during walks, but these days, he is more frequently relaxed enough to not only take treats, but also look at us to ask for them. He even wags his tail a tiny bit once in a while while he is at it.

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BY the humans  Sun, 1 May 2011

It's May, and this means most communities around here start banning dogs from their beaches until the end of the summer. After some online searching, we found one town that kept their beaches open to dogs until the 20th of this month. It was a beautiful Sunday and we had no problem hopping on the car and driving up for a little beach time.

We always carry this 30-ft black cotton leash with us so Kaiju can run around. However, we have recently realized it's too short for the chuckit fun. So, we went and got this 50-ft nylon leash. We thought its lightness would be helpful. When we got to the destination, we connected the 50-feet leash and the 30-feet, then hooked Kaiju up to it. Oh boy it was so long.

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We gave a mid-week surprise to Kaiju and had a little visit to a river-side park late afternoon. It was too beautiful out to stay inside and working. Besides, we bought this thing called Chuckit recently and only Paul got to enjoy it with Kaiju during the Easter Weekend in Long Island (for which I stayed behind), and I was jealous.

At the park, we put him on a long (30ft) leash and threw the ball! Weeee, the ball went further than 30 feet and Kaiju ran after it so fast and kept running after he got the ball in his mouth that we still had to run around after him. Guess we need a longer leash if we want to play this game with him in a city park...

The spring is finally here and flowers are everywhere. Not only the flowers, the trees are looking really nice with the spring green. College rowers are out on the Charles practicing really hard. It's just a beautiful time in Boston!

BY kaiju  Fri, 22 Apr 2011
he likes me tons, i think.

BY kaiju ON TWITTER | 5:19pm  Mon, 18 Apr 2011

i really liked this german shephard

BY kaiju ON TWITTER | 2:22pm  Sat, 16 Apr 2011
my food bleh. boring. i want some bacon and cheese and anything my humans are eating
And no work will get done for weeks

BY kaiju ON TWITTER | 12:13pm  Tue, 12 Apr 2011
Ichiro of Seattle Mariners and his Shiba, Ikkyu
BY the humans  Sun, 10 Apr 2011

Another week-end day to entertain Kaiju. Today, we took him to Middlesex Fells. There, he found a dog owner he liked.

He just stared and stared at this man who was an owner of this dog that Kaiju tried to play with very hard (and kinda failed).

Kaiju later reflected on this fine day, at the reservour.

Ok, no that's not true. He was just trying to get to the little tree branch which we threw in and asked him to get. He tried to go near it but couldn't bring himself to go any deeper, so instead, he stared at the branch and whined. Silly puppy.

BY the humans  Sat, 9 Apr 2011

A visit to Larz Andersen Park. The first dog we meet is... a Shiba!

Then Kaiju met a wolf (? I think).

It's a beautiful park.

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