BY kaiju ON TWITTER | 9:18pm  Fri, 8 Apr 2011

i wonder if i'll shed enough for my humans to try this, this year.


BY kaiju ON TWITTER | 11:33pm  Thu, 7 Apr 2011
BY kaiju ON TWITTER | 12:02pm  Mon, 4 Apr 2011
the tsunami dog and the owner re-united!!!
BY kaiju  Sun, 3 Apr 2011

I had my first house guest of my own, ever, today. Her name is June. She is a Whippet. Her humans are Human#1's good friends. We met when I was little (last January), and we played together but she was pushy and I got a bit annoyed by her.

By the way, did I mention? Human#1 is the one who held me all the way from my birth home to this home last year. I puked on him 3 times during that trip. When we got home, he sat in my crate area with me until I felt a little more comfortable. Since then, I sometimes think of him as Human#1. (Human#2 is the one who drove and cleaned the vomit mess i made. She's also a better treat dispenser.)

Anyway, back to June. Since the first time, we hadn't met again for a long time, until recently when we walked together around my place, and we got on very well! Today, they took us for a walk in the woods together, and afterward, she came over to my home. During the walk, she wasn't too into sniffing everything like I was. She probably just wanted to run. Apparently, she runs really fast!

I got a little nervous when she went near my toys so i went and sat near them, but I think I was a good host, otherwise. I hope she comes to visit me again!

BY kaiju ON TWITTER | 12:59am  Sun, 3 Apr 2011

hoomans, i'm tired. don't wake me up

BY kaiju ON TWITTER | 12:08pm  Fri, 1 Apr 2011

omd!! a shiba-mix (?) was found floating on roof on ocean yesterday near Tsunami area! & was rescued. See the video!

Read the story.

BY the humans  Tue, 29 Mar 2011

There was a Shiba meetup event near our city last weekend, and it was kind of a big deal. This group is not very active. The last one held was over a year ago.

When we drove into the parking lot, we spotted a cute red Shiba (redundant, we know). We hurried out of the car to meet them. The adorable and friendly girl, Emmie, turned out to be only 6 months old.

With the new bud, EmWe walked together on a beautiful path flanked with tall trees for about 20 minutes before arriving at the fenced dog park. Meanwhile, Emmie and Kaiju chased each other and became friends.

There were about 8 Shibas there. A good turnout for this group! Kaiju kept playing with Emmie though.

yay, all curly tails!Unfortunately, the fenced area was small, and half of it was covered with thick shiny sheet of ice. We almost decided against staying. With Kaiju's bad knees, slippery surfaces are generally to be avoided. We saw how excited he was looking at all the Shibas, though, and we gave in. "OK, Just for a little bit".

Kaiju was wise enough to mostly stay on the non-icy (sunny but muddy) side. We tried to stay on that side, also, so he'd stick around.

He had a great time, mostly with Emmie. We kept it short and left before everyone else. Kaiju still got a full half an hour of fun running, and was happy and calm for rest of the day. He slept like a... well... very tired puppy once we got home. (His limping got worse after this, so we'll probably refrain from letting Kaiju play on icy area in future)

BY the humans  Sun, 27 Mar 2011
At this week's Flowdog swimming session, Kaiju got on a boogieboard for the first time. We had been trying to get him used to the board itself for the past couple of weeks by placing it near him while he swam. He started sniffing it last week, so Chris decided to try and putting him on it this week. Here are the photos!

confused and a little frozen

getting up!

Chris tilts the board forward

BY kaiju ON TWITTER | 10:53am  Wed, 23 Mar 2011

Met a 6-months old Husky yesterday at a dog park. He was a very nice bouncy big puppy.

this guy is only 6 months old

check out my teeth

get settttttt!!

my mouth is bigger than yours! nuh uh! uh huh!

BY kaiju ON TWITTER | 4:45pm  Sun, 20 Mar 2011

omg omg weeee

left the doggie heaven w. snowy mountain trails away from cars & trucks. Then now at some beach off leash playing w. doggies. Maine is nice!

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