BY the humans   Sun, 19 Feb 2012

We were so excited to have gone and bought two pieces of marrow bones for Kaiju. We said to each other "wow, Kaiju is going to go crazy with it!" The butcher guy said "Yah, don't even go close to the dog while he's eating it. He'll go at it for hours and he'll get very territorial."

We got home, covered the floor with some synthetic fabric in the gated area, then we put the marrow bone and Kaiju in it. Then we watched, excitedly.

Kaiju stood there, confused about being gated, and not trusting the fabric under his feet. He stared at us as if to say "huh? what? why??"

So, we took him out of the gate, took the floor covering out in the kitchen, and tried again. He got into it for a while, then stepped out of the covering, laid down, and yawned.

We are so disappointed!

BY kaiju   Sun, 19 Feb 2012

Apparently, there is a thing called "dogtv".

Humans showed some sample segments to me on the computer. Also, a video of my doctor speaking about the programs.

Unfortunately, it's on cable, and only in San Diego for now. Funny, my humans friends are turning off Cable one after another. If this was on Hulu box or other on-demand services, or even an App on mobile devices, it will reach more people, no matter where they are.

BY the humans   Sat, 18 Feb 2012

We went to the woods around a reservoir. The ground was a bit muddy. Kaiju sat on it to clean himself after peeing.

Kaiju wanted to play with every single dog that crossed our path.

When he spots another dog from far away, he first assumes a torpedo position.

Then, after the dog comes into a certain distance, Kaiju jumps up and runs to it as fast as he can.

Kaiju is a very fun-loving confident dog in the woods.

But the humans didn't let me go there, saying something about flying golf balls.

BY the humans   Tue, 14 Feb 2012

Kaiju likes this piece of rubber mat we put on the kitchen floor so he could trot around without slipping. He sits here and watches us prepare food on the counter, perhaps hoping the food is for him. Often, when we look at him or approach him, his tail springs up and wags.

BY the humans   Sun, 12 Feb 2012

Raiden, Knox, Dakota, Cody, Jewels, and our Kaiju got together at a big dog park in the afternoon.

It was "Round 2" for Knox and Raiden, who had not-so-friendly "Round 1" some months ago. It was before neither of them were neutered. Their humans looked forward to and felt very nervous about this re-match. They even planned to let the pups meet outside of the park and do a walk together before letting them off-leash in the same space.

Well, none of that was necessary. Raiden and Knox sniffed each other and went straight into carefree happy chases and wrestles.

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It's been such a warm winter that it was surprising to see the water frozen solid, even partially.

During our 2-hour walk at the Fells, we were very tempted to let Kaiju go on the ice.

It was just for a bit, and of course, he was on leash. We've read too many stories about dogs falling into water through cracked ice.

Kaiju was very curious and licked the ice many times. Wonder what he tasted...

We walked for a long time, and found many beautiful spots along the water. It was a gorgeous day.

BY the humans   Wed, 8 Feb 2012

Kaiju has not improved so much in terms of his inability to walk in most public places without being very scared. He's still on medication, and he will be for a long time.

What has changed recently is that we have sort of given up on doing regular walks, for now. After Dr. Dodman (our behaviorist) told us not to force the issue, we've stopped asking Kaiju to go once around the block, which we insisted before in the mornings and afternoons. Now, Kaiju only goes out for quick potty breaks. At night, we no longer take him to long walks in our residential neighborhood. Instead, every single night, we drive (10+ minutes) him out to a park for an hour walk. It's not a big park, so we make multiple rounds sometimes, to make it an hour. Kaiju loves this park. He runs around, gets the craziest zoomies, chases rabbits, runs around with dogs if we encounter them, mostly in the dark.

Basicaly, we've stopped trying to make him "better". For now, we focus on giving him a fun and safe life. We do ask Kaiju to take extra steps to go some extra feet every morning, with the help of good treats. When he feels good, he does, just for a few minutes. When he does not, he stops and looks back towards home. Then we go home.

Now that we are giving him practically no pressure, his body language during morning and afternoon potty breaks are noticeably more relaxed. We hope that the quality of life for him has gone up considerably also. One thing for sure. The quality of our (the humans') lives have definitely improved. We are not in despair nor stressed at every single walk. We are not sure how long we will continue this, but for now, we are all happier.

BY nobuko   Sun, 5 Feb 2012

I had a plan to visit somebody in Rhode Island, and I took Kaiju with me so we could stop by at a beach. We went to the beautiful Second Beach in Newport.

Kaiju didn't run around as much as I expected him to. Instead, he frequently laid down and refused to move, causing the passersby to smile and giggle at us.

We went there after the play time with Jewels. An hour and half drive to and from Newport, and visiting the stranger's home where a 9 week-old labradoodle puppy jumped around made Kaiju SO tired. He slept and slept through the Superbowl and everything else.

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